Park City Pride

 Park City Pride

Park City Pride was a spark of an idea suggested by Ken Fogarty at the PAL Cadet 35 year reunion. Most of us had lost contact before that time and it was wonderful to see all the familiar faces. The idea of forming a parade corps came up and I can’t believe anyone could have envisioned what would eventually evolve. The subject of a parade corps came up again at our Christmas party and from there things began to happen. Ken recruited Bill Duquette and Bill, in turn, recruited Carl Rodia. Once we decided that anyone who had ever been in an area drum corps could join, we held an organizational meeting and over 200 talented people showed up to join … who would have thought!

Bill arranged for us to borrow all the equipment we needed … horns and drums came from generous corps including Skyliners, Hurricanes, Hawthorne and Lake Erie just to mention a few. Our first few practices with horns, drums and color guard were not as impressive as we had hoped for, but everyone worked hard and we slowly improved until we sounded and looked ready to take the field. We had one hundred days to assemble equipment, find uniforms, and to learn and polish our show. This was certainly a strain on our personal lives but it was truly a labor of love … everyone worked hard and we had a blast!

The one hundred days flew by and it was show time … spirits were high and hearts were pounding … but we were ready. With 233 members we appeared to be an endless 15 minute stream as we marched two by two onto the field. We were given the call to attention … and the magic began. We opened with “How the West Was Won” and blew the crowd off their seats. Most of us hadn’t fielded since the 1960’s, but all the old feelings came back and from that point on the crowd was ours. Yes, there’s nothing like a hometown crowd cheering at the top of their lungs to make all the hard work worthwhile.

After the show, we felt as though we had just won the National and World titles together but, we were about to turn into pumpkins. You see, the original plan was to come together … use borrowed equipment … play our swan song … send the equipment back … and disband. WRONG … we realized we were having far too much fun and the bond we had formed with each other had become far too strong for us just to walk away. Besides, we kind of think we’re an entertaining bunch!

Within weeks, a new management team was formed to bring us forward … horn players secured their own instruments and the color guard secured their own flags and poles. The drummers had to practice on tables for a little while longer, but on August 4, 2004 we received the first of our BRAND NEW DRUMS! Could this be another Park City Pride miracle? At any rate, let it be known that Park City Pride is here to stay.